What I do

Photography fanatic – that’s me!  I love photography, it is my passion and what I love to do with my time.  It is my creative outlet, my balance, my peace.  Photography has always been something I love, and not just being behind the camera, but as well as sifting through old photographs at a flea market, looking through family photos, and admiring all the details that go into a picture.  

I have always had some sort of camera in my hand most of my life – dating back to the 110 film camera, 35mm film cameras, and now digitals.  I am 100% self-taught and I find that there is always something new to be learned in photography.  In fact, there are always something new to be learned in life in general.  Over the years, my value for a picture increased because as anyone else, I have had loved ones pass away and sometimes all you have of them are the pictures they were in for the life moments you shared.  

How I do it

Photography is an art form and I become giddy when the dazzling golden light from the end of the day gives way to beautiful image that I see and I capture the moment with the tool of my camera.  And that is one of many reasons why I love natural light photography.  I produce a clean, classy, and charming image that you will love to display in your home.  My style of photography is about Capturing the personality of the individual and/or family by observing your level of comfort in front of the camera.  I want to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed so that the moment will translate to a fabulous photograph.

When you book a session with me, you will find that I blend your natural movements, smiles, and personality with some poses in order to Capture an image that expresses the most authentic part of your personality.  My mission is to assist you with feeling comfortable and relaxed in order to Capture the true you in an image.

Where I live

I am a small-town girl, born and raised in the beautiful state of Washington along the Columbia River Gorge.  Once I became an adult, I ventured out of Washington and found my home in Idaho – the Treasure Valley area (Boise, Meridian).  Although not a native Idahoan, my life is security nestled in the beautiful Gem State.  I love the gorgeous scenic beauty, which is every photographers dream!  I reside with my fabulous husband – who is also a photographer, and our wonderful five children – who are often my muse in photography sessions.  

Living in the Pacific Northwest has given me an appreciation for all landscapes – green, thick forests, blue, white-capped seas/oceans, deep, golden canyons and sage covered desserts.  All of which translates to limitless options for a photographer.


Happy Clients


Hours of Work


Photos Taken

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography for me is a blend of photo-journalism, documenting a moment that is spontaneous yet planned by Capturing the connection and meaning of the day.  I strive to produce images that display the unique, memorable passion-filled moments of the wedding events and watch the love unfold between two people as not only they join their lives together as one, but unite two families all in the name of love.

I feel blessed beyond measure to be given such a gift to document some of life’s sweetest, tender moments and Capture them in an image to reflect upon for a lifetime.  

Senior Portraits

Senior Portrait  sessions are so exciting to photograph and bringing out the personality of the graduate to express themselves in their photos.  It can be an expression of clothing colors and/or textures and styles, fun locations, or meaningful props – such as a baseball mitt used in their high school game career; showing off their musical talent or incorporating their favorite pet.  I love the inventive, expressive and fun style that graduation sessions offer when I photograph them. The sky’s the limit with graduation sessions.