Family Packages

"If you don't think photos are important,
wait until they're all you have left."


All About Us

1-hour session
Up to 8 people
1 location
40 digital images


Mighty Mini's

30-minute session $325
10-minute session $200
Up to 6 people
$25 per extra person
1 location
20 images (30 minute session)
5 images (10 minute session)



45 minute session
Newborn, parents, & siblings
Location at family home
20 images (30 minutes)
50 images (60 minutes)



What should we wear?

A.I am asked this question every year! And it just depends on you and your family's style. I recommend picking three to four colors for robust depth and family cohesion. Avoid matchy-matchy styles, such as matching color pants and/or shirts.

If you need a little inspiration, I can send you some Pinterest examples of various color combinations for clothing. I have lots of pins to get your creative juices flowing.

My child can be difficult. What can I do?

A.Honestly, kids will be kids.

I found that if the parents are calm, relaxed, and go-with-the-flow, the children will follow. I'm experienced at getting child(ren) to relax and have good authentic smiles. Why? How? By making it FUN!

It doesn't hurt to bring a small, non-messy treat to bribe them and a fun activity for post-session fun, like going out to eat or playing a game.

What if my child does not want to smile?

A.It's all good. I think as mom's we want to have those perfect family photos hanging on our wall. Here is the reality, children do not always want to cooperate, and that is okay! Trust me, it is a fun story to tell later as they get older when they are making a face, or frowning or being silly/goofy because it is part of the thread that knits us together as a family. I do recommend during the session - parents keep their eyes on me because if you turn your head to have the little one smile, they may look at the camera to smile and then I have mom and dad with a turned head and a missed shot.

Where can we have photos taken?

A.I try to select family friendly locations where we will be able to move about, have some great scenery and light. If you have a location you would like to try, message me and we can talk about composition and lighting. I am always up to trying to locations.

Can we bring the family pet?

A.Of course! I recommend getting a few shots in the beginning - depending on the fur-baby's temperament, that way they don't have to be so still and you as the parents do not want to worry about keeping your children and fur-babies attention throughout the entire session.