High School Senior Packages

"Nothing can dim the light which shines from within."

—Maya Angelou

All the Glam

Unlimited Outfit Changes
1 locations per session
3 Seasons (choose spring, summer fall winter)
30 minutes each season
15 images per session
1 - 10 minute bestie session


Hometown Hero

Unlimited Outfit Changes
1 locations
45 minute session
15 images
1 season of your choosing


Easy Breezy

1 Outfit Changes
1 location
10 minute session
7 images
1 season of your choosing


Frequently asked questions

Is hair and make up required for the shoot?

A.No, but it is recommended.

A professional makeup artist can even-out skin tones for a fresh, clean look. Having their hair done professionally helps it look its best throughout the photoshoot.

I can provide names of local hair and make-up artists to who can glam up your look.

How many outfits should they bring?

A.At least three outfits.

Have your senior select clothing and personal items they really enjoy wearing, are comfortable in, and speak to their unique style and personality.

Here are some recommended items:
- Prom and/or Homecoming outfits
- Sports gear or uniforms
- Band instruments
- Favorite books

These images are all about THEM, and it is important that each image reflects their personality.

Can I do a session with my bestie?

A.Yes! I love shooting doubles. In fact, I include a 20 minutes in the glam package to be used at your seniors discretion at one of their session times. Keep in mind, there will not be an individual photo done of the bestie, it is for incorporating them into your seniors session to show off the friendship.

If your senior wants to do a session with their bestie, a $50 discount, for both seniors, is applied when booked. If this is the option you choose, contact the photographer directly for specialized booking. same time.

The sessions might run longer than normal, but it will be an unforgettable experience for both of you!

Where can we take photos?

A.Where ever you want! I mean, as long as it's open to the public and/or we have permission to shoot there.

You can discuss this with me before or after booking your session.

Just a few examples:
- High school or sports field
- Downtown or city vibe
- Country settings, like a farm or field
- Fishing or boating
- Riding horses
- Botanical gardens
- Zoos
- Hot-air balloons
- Local landmarks, like the Boise Train Depot
- Ski resorts
- Favorite stores, like a coffee house, candy store, mall shop
- Laundry mats
- Carnival or fairs
- Grunge or alley ways, like those with graffiti
- Even special destinations like the Oregon Coast!

...the options are limitless! I do like to add in the past I have met families at the Oregon Coast and completed senior sessions and family sessions upon a planful time to complete the sessions - which turned out fabulous and provided a unique photography experience.

Do you retouch blemished skin?

A.Yes, but I recommend scheduling time with a makeup artist for the best results.

When I retouch photos for blemishes, it won't look flawless. Making the face or skin look too perfect will standout as unnatural and you'll lose the unique features of the face. Many seniors with imperfect skin have been more than satisfied with my level retouching.